New photovoltaic measures announced

Suspension of authorisations (no new requests for licenses and conditions of association will be received and no pending examination), dramatic decrease in tariffs, starting from year august, for new photovoltaic, connection for the first time of cabbie With the system limit value of the daily electricity market (since 2015) and reinforcement of the special res account with 25% of the ERT fee includes the first package of measures announced by the ypeka, while in late August is expected the announcement of second package, which needs to go through Parliament. For this second package, the Ypeka has reportedly left the issue of the levy on the turnover of the existing facilities, as well as the regulation of the time available to investors to implement their investment (the 18mino). In this way the ministry attempts, moreover, to gain time to take the final decisions, as well as the coordinated reaction of the bodies of RES and especially the space of photovoltaic, but also the belief that was created that an intervention in Economics of existing units will create a huge problem on the investment climate and attract investment, have led the staffs of Ypeka to rethink the whole Issue. Certainly unknown where they will end up, as the ministry has pledged to find around 300 million. Euro to strengthen the special account of Lagie (except those that will result from the auctions of pollutants) and therefore if it does not proceed the contribution to PV should make another, equivalent effect, Movement.

New tariffs for parks and roofs
According to the announcement of the ypeka, the new prices for PV parks are as Follows:

A (diasynded) “100kw B (diasynded) ≤ 100kw C (non-diasynded) (regardless of Power)
2012 August 180,00 225,00 225,00
2013 February 171,90 214,88 214,88
2013 August 164,16 205,21 205,21
2014 February 156,78 195,97 195,97
2014 August 149,72 187,15 187,15
For each year n from 2015 onwards 1,3xmotsn-1 1,4xmotsn-1 1,4xmotsn-1
Motsn-1: average system limit value in the previous year n-1.

( see here in detail the relevant announcement for PV Parks)

For PV on roofs prices are formed as follows:

Month/year Price (euro/MWh)
August 2012  250,00
February 2013  238,75
August 2013 228,01
February 2014 217,75
August 2014 207,95
February 2015 198,59
August 2015 189,65
February 2016 181,12
August 2016 172,97
February 2017 165,18
August 2017 157,75
February 2018 150,65
August 2018 143,87

(See here in detail the relevant announcement about PV on roofs)

The Ypeka reports on the decision:
“taking into account the European experience, as reflected in the opinion No. 5/2012 of rae, in relation to the guaranteed selling prices of electricity from PV stations, it appears that these prices in greece, in the first half of 2012, continued to be among the highest in Europe. moreover, the significantly higher sunshine in our country, compared to most countries, leads to a considerably higher weighted revenue per installed kW, which results, despite the reductions in guaranteed prices, that investments yield Satisfactory Revenue. According to data from the latest opinions of Rae the cost of supply and installation for the development of photovoltaic systems, between January 2012 and August 2012, has been reduced by about 14% for PV installations on roofs, by 10% Approximately for PV plants up to 100kw and by about 11% for PV plants over 100KW. furthermore, due to the need to ensure the viability of the payment mechanism for RES producers, so as to continue the operation of the installed units and the implementation of new ones and taking into account the state of the economy (increased Cost of borrowing, payment, etc.) It was considered necessary to update the existing guaranteed selling prices of h/v from PV stations “.

(see here in detail the ministerial decree)
Suspension of Licenses.
The suspension of the licensing procedure does not address new requests for production authorisation and the issuance of a connection offer, as well as the corresponding pending requests. however, They continue to akwlytws the licensing process with production license, as well as works exempted from the obligation to obtain a production licence and have a binding offer of Association. The Dod’s predictions exclude PV on roofs and projects that until the date of suspension were included in a fast track process.
In the special res account 25% of the ERT fee
The Ypeka announced, finally, the disposal of 25% of the charge for ERT for the reinforcement of the Special Account
The Joint Ministerial Decision ensures additional revenue for the special account by applying for the first time the law, which gives precisely this Possibility.
It is estimated that the proceeds from the detention in favour of the Special account will approach this year around EUR 75 Million. The retention rate will be reviewed Annually.