The CEO of ECO//SUN in Green house and building

The CEO of ECO//SUN in Green house and building, ECO//SUN Φωτοβολταϊκά Συστήματα | Φωτοβολταϊκά Πάνελ Point of view:

Point of View: drop in photovoltaic prices and increase demand. In the last 12 months, a price drop of 48% was observed and a vertical increase in demand for photovoltaic systems. Is it now a profitable investment?

Photovoltaics are the last year, perhaps, the only way out in Greece’s investment space. This contributes to the continuous reduction of prices of photovoltaic panels in combination with the guaranteed prices, which despite the planned reductions remain at very high levels.

In the last 12 months, a price drop of 48% was observed and a sharp increase in demand. This has contributed significantly to China’s aggressive course in the global photovoltaic Trade. The Chinese industry, as far as the photovoltaic industry is concerned, has made a very dynamic entrance and is already causing very high competition, both in the global and domestic markets with direct result of the vertical drop in the prices of the Frames. This has caused a great deal of damage to European and American manufacturers who, in their effort to become more competitive, are constantly reducing prices by reducing their profit level dangerously.

It should be pointed out that, at the moment, all manufacturers are registering millions of Euro losses, which, if anything, is not healthy for the Industry. Large manufacturers of the site with know-how and tradition decades having excellent products, announce suspension or even cessation of their work in trying to limit the Losses.

Analyses show that this downward trend will continue at a rate of 7% reduction per annum. Only competing companies with size, experience, know-how, quality and infrastructure and will be supported by global strong groups will emerge from this race. ECO//SUN is a company with experience, with 16chroni presence in the Greek territory, with prestige and strategic partnerships, that can direct each investor or installer correctly, regardless of the amount of Investment. With a network of partners that exceeds 200, all over greece, we can cover every demand ensuring always an excellent result.