Our collective initiative “OUR RELATIONS”

Last August, contrary to scientific suggestions and every sense of reason, it was decided to stop the development of the photovoltaic market.

More than 2,000 companies are currently active in this market, directly supporting 20,000 and indirectly 30,000 employees. The only potentially growing branch of the economy nowadays produces more than 0.5% of our country’s GDP, offering a multifaceted social, environmental and financial benefit, exploiting the country’s national fuel, the sun, with the purest technology.

At a time when we are all invited to leave behind mistakes, failures, gains and restraints, and to put Greece back on the paths of collective development and progress, we believe that it is about safeguarding the prospects that the sun offers us in personal, and national level.

The “Involve Us” collective initiative is not intended to impute responsibilities or to denounce practices and decisions. Instead, it aims to highlight the multifaceted benefits lost by such constraints, which undoubtedly affect not only the thousands of workers in the sector, our wider society or our environment, but also the public revenues that we need so much.