Additional RAE Announcement for the Peloponnese


Definition of the Peloponnese as an area with a saturated network for RES absorption:

Supplementary Communication of RAE

RAE responded to requests and questions submitted by stakeholders and stakeholders following the publication of the decision no. 699/2012 on “CHARACTERIZATION OF PELOPONNESE AS A GRADED NETWORK AREA”, it publishes the relevant documents and data below and states that the decision concerns RES stations connected to the System and the Network, and thus its stations are included in its scope ‘Special Program for the Development of Photovoltaic Systems in Building Facilities’ (Government Gazette B’1079 / 4.6.2009).

A. Documents

1. ΡΑΕ/Ι-100407

2. ΡΑΕ/Ι-149055

3. ΡΑΕ/Ο-50084

4. ΡΑΕ/Ι-153641

5. ΡΑΕ/Ι-153702

6. ΡΑΕ/Ι-153717

7. ΡΑΕ/Ι-154763

8. ΡΑΕ/Ο-50671

9. ΡΑΕ/Ι-157230

B. Data on the status of requests for connection of RES units to the Peloponnese network

(It is noted that according to the aforementioned decision RAE is expected to publish updated data from UDMI SA and DEDDI SA)

B1. Elements of IDU
(see also PAE / I-154763)

1. Application file (March 2012)

B 2. Elements of DDADH
(see also PAE / I-157230)

1. Farmer’s application file

2. Archive of applications for PV of the Special Program

3. Request file for PV power stations up to 100 kW with RAE exemption or exemption

4. Application file at the PLR for PV plants with a power of more than 100 kW and up to 150 kW with a RAE exemption decision

5. RAE Reserve Requests Archive

6.Archive of applications for PV stations in the Special List with a capacity of up to 1 MW

7. Archive of private-company applications for PV stations up to 100 kW after Law 3851

8. Application file in CPS-H for PV plants with power more than 100 kW after Law 3851

9.Application file for RES stations in the CRL following Law 3851

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