39 ° Conference of Active Network of Technical Branches of Diathermal SA

ECO // SUN participated for the first time with great success at the 39th Conference of the ENERGY NETWORK OF TECHNICAL STORES DIATHERMIKI SA at the GRANDHOTELPALACE Hotel in Thessaloniki, which was held on the weekend of 11 & 12 February.

The conference was presented by the Managing Directors Messrs. Goniiadis Miltiadis & Pangalos Charalampos, as well as by the Coordinator of the Barboglou Ioannis Network, the existing and the new collaborations – products that cover all the energy needs.

During the conference, detailed presentations of products and services were also made by the following companies:

INTERPLASTA. : Presented by Mr. Tassos Rizopoulos the new products of underfloor heating

A.B.B. – HITACHI: Presented by Messrs. Nikos Zotos, Dimitris Skambardonis, Stefanos Mavridis & Giorgos Prasiadis products of domestic and semi-central air conditioning

ECO // SUN: Presented by Mrs. Despina Tsoleridou & Messrs. Giorgos Kazantzidis & Daryo Demetriou products for electricity production for autonomous systems as well as net metering.

ECO // SUN thus supported, in practice, its excellent cooperation with DIATHERMIKI SA which began in 2016

ECO // SUN has been working in the field of renewable energy since 1996.

The experience we have gained since 1996 classifies ECO // SUN as a specialist in renewable energy.

The scope of the company is the research, design and installation and marketing of equipment with the ECO // SUN brand, such as: Photovoltaic panels, Inverters, Bases, Batteries, Autonomous systems, Hybrid systems, net metering, Heat pumps