8 reasons to … we are glad when the PPC bill comes

It is obvious that if a private investor invests in a photovoltaic installation, he will definitely be won. It offers network quality especially when combined with storage. Their power counts on the country’s energy target while boosting the local economy.

So when we receive the PPC bill, we should not be downhill but be … happy. It sounds a little bit oxymoron, especially nowadays, but it is a fact because:

1) We make money from such a PV investment.

2) We deny the PPC account.

3) We achieve energy autonomy

4) Protect the environment.

5) The value of our property is upgraded

6) We achieve autonomy in heating

7) The sense of security is emphasized

8) The aesthetics of the space are greatly improved.

The sun is the best energy source and is accessible to all of us.

ECO // SUN. Solar is our future.