Welcome to SUNSHINE! Welcome to ECO//SUN

Why to choose solar energy.
Drastic cut of electricity costs
Autonomy of power supply
Low amount of investment
Increase of bulding’s value
Respect of the environment
The SUN is everywhere

ECO//SUN more than 20 years of innovation

Based on our philosophy which remains the same since 1996, we have achieved the leadership of our industry.
We focus on the improvement of the quality of living and the establishment of the basis of developing business relations with respect of the environment and the future of the planet.
We have a network of 300 associates and an active presence on three continents and at the same time we are acknowledged by GREENPEACE aw one of Greece’s most certified companies in the industry of renewable energy and a leader in auto-production, as well.

Services, products and solutions by ECO//SUN

Study & Design of Energy Systems – Installations – Contracts for technical support and natural disasters restoration – 24/7 Technical Support

Photovoltaics – Voltage converters – Charging regulators – Battery chargers – Accumulators – Mounting sets – Heat pumps – Water filtering systems – Generators

Solar Energy & Environment

The know-how of ECO // SUN converts solar energy into electricity without contaminating soil, water, air, people, generaly the entire environment!

Work stages & method of ECO // SUN

Total project management for power production from renewable energy sources.


Application, use and support of cuting edge technologies.

Location Evaluation

Location inspection and special issues identification, Evaluation of all factors, energy, placement study

Study & Scheduling

Station's basic design, Orientation, Construction timetable, Works and systems installation scheduling scheduling.


We have been producing solar energy systems since 1996 by implementing state-of-the-art innovations and technologies.


We hold an extensive know-how in the installation of renewable energy systems.

Technical Support & Maintenance

A wide range of parts allways available and a fully organized support center guarantees your investment.

ECO//SUN's value process
Planning 0
Construction 0
Placement 0
Support 0

The ECO//SUN Worlwide

We have built and put in operation more than 3000 projects in Europe & Africa.

ECO//SUN Products

Since 2000 our company focuses at inhouse production of its product range and therefor an R & D center is operating.

Total Solutions

Our primary concern is the continuous communication and support to our customer,  starting from the presentation and goes  up to the sales and the after sales 24/7 technical support

20 Years always ahead and always sure.

We are the company with the largest number of connected parks in operation in Greece, with more than 6000 Renewable Energy Systems installations.

24/7 (technical) Support

Our experienced staff is always available to provide technical support  24h/day , 7  days/week.

Parts and materials always on stock

The organization, the know-how, the complete and availlable stock of ready to use parts, among their quality, define our corporate profile.

We offer solutions regarding the global economical crisis

Free energy for every household, for every company and for every organization, always respecting the environment and the future of our planet! ECO // SUN