Announcement of the ATHEX, as Non-Interconnected Islands Operator (NNB), for the submission of a declaration of the Technological and Economic Elements of Photovoltaic Stations

Following the announcement of the ATHEX Invitation, as Non-Interconnected Islands Operator (ICN) of 08.08.2014, for the submission by the Producers of the Technical and Economic Data of the Conventional Stations and the RES Stations, we know that for the Photovoltaic Stations of the Electrical Systems of MRNs will be sent to Producers via e-mail, appropriate Excel spreadsheets from the IMS, in the form of Tables to complete all the necessary data.
Each Producer must store a copy of the file to be received, check the accuracy of all pre-filled items by modifying, if necessary, permitted fields, complete all requested items of the Unit or Station reporting them responsibly and accurately and return the final updated file by e-mail as an attachment to the IPN.
It should be noted that the submission of a Technical and Economic Information Statement is a Responsible Statement by the Producer in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Code of Non-Proprietary Code and therefore special attention is paid to the verification and completion of the Declarations in order for the completed data to fully correspond to the reality .
For this task, it will be required from the Producer’s side to have an Excel 2007 or a later version application available.

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