CEF: Will Parliament allow two measures and two levels for investors?

The Association of Photovoltaic Companies is asking for an equivalence between investors, on the basis of an amendment tabled by the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works and concerns the granting of a three-month extension to professional contracts for farmers intending to install photovoltaics.
As it is known, the amendment provides for a “blocking” of the guaranteed selling price for up to 21 months instead of 18, so that the producer linking his work to the system keeps the guaranteed price he has signed with LAGIE. The reason for this three-month extension to farmers is that the absorption of the former Rural Bank that would finance these projects did not make it possible to implement them within the current deadlines.
However, as the Association points out, the same argument applies to all investors who, while having locked tariffs for an 18-month period, are required to link their projects by 30 October 2012 at the latest by 12/3/2013 if they do not want to lose the notorious tariff.

These investors, according to the CBA, are invited within four months (ie five to eleven months before the expiry of their original 18-month contract) to secure funding, secure and order equipment, build the projects in the middle of winter and weather conditions and prevent deadlines, risking losing substantial amounts and entering into economic adventures if they do not. Timely implementation of these projects no longer depends on themselves, but on the moods of the weather and the Network Administrator who will have to meet thousands of requests within 5-6 weeks.

“Because all investors must be treated equally by law and the state and because market problems are already visible, the Association of Photovoltaic Companies urges Parliament and the YPEKA to give a breath to all investors by providing a three-month extension for interconnection of projects with an interconnection deadline until 12/3/2013. It requires equality between citizens and common sense, “the CEO concludes.

Download here the official announcement of the club.