Domestic photovoltaics: the saturation of the Peloponnese

Green light for removing the “blockade” for home photovoltaics in the Peloponnese, yesterday gave the RAE plenary. The independent authority had in its hands the more detailed information requested by the distribution manager of the UDDRD, according to which the image in the Peloponnese network allows the lifting of the ban. We remind you that this is the third time that the issue is in plenary, with the two previous decisions being rejected.

It should be noted, however, that the data of the ESDP did not leave much room for a different decision: the total number of installations on the Roofs covered by the relevant Ministry of Environment and Waters project does not exceed 4 Megawatts when the limit of saturation is 1900 MW. Of these 1,900 MW, which is theoretically the Peloponnese’s limit, the projects actually in operation are about 450MW, or about 30%.

We recall that the issue of the lifting of satiety for domestic purposes in the Peloponnese was put by both local parliamentarians and during the recent visit of the president of the independent authority to the Peloponnese. This was because the blocking of the roofs had created huge problems for the companies operating in the sector, and a large number of workers were confronted with the unemployment spectrum

It is noted that RAE has submitted to the relevant State Secretary for Environment Mr Papageorgiou a package of proposals to rationalize the existing licensing process in areas such as the Peloponnese where they are now considered to have a saturated network due to an electric space. If these proposals are adopted, the saturation for all RES investments will be lifted for some time, not just for domestic photovoltaics.

RAE’s proposals include the clearing of inactive licenses, the establishment of a bidding process by prospective investors in the phase of freezing electricity (ie before a binding connection is offered) and the reduction in the time period available to investors, from at the moment they will get connection terms until they build the project. This deadline is currently four years for wind farms and 18 months for photovoltaics.

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