ECOSUN NSRF 2013 Newsletter

With the adoption of the endorsement results for the new NSRF and for eligible projects, businesses can include in their eligible costs, irrespective of whether they have already included them, and install photovoltaic plants to meet their energy needs.

The NSRF justifies equipment and work to produce energy (eg photovoltaics) and energy storage. The prerequisite for inclusion in the program is the existence of a study documenting that the electrical power produced by RES does not exceed the sum of the company’s electrical consumptions.

ECO // SUN, through its 17-year history, specializes in investments for RES installations (Renewable Energy Sources) and more specifically
in the creation of photovoltaic stations and wind turbines.

Through the NSRF program, the prospective customer may either have net electricity metering offset, which allows the consumer to cover a substantial part of his own consumption while allowing him to use the network for indirect storage of green energy, or have back-up systems to ensure uninterrupted operation of the devices in case of power failure, or stand-alone systems to cover up to 100% of the needs of each

Through our extensive experience, with over 4000 integrated projects, we offer excellent products and optimal solutions for projects of all sizes, offering the best value for money, without neglecting the quality of the materials.

Our goal is to make this development and organization more modern, more systematic and intensive every day so that we remain at the top of the Renewable Energy Industry

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ECO // SUN. Always ahead. Always sure.