Power Storage

Of the most important part in a standalone photovoltaic system is the accumulators.

Choosing the right battery to meet your needs, is not easy.

For example, a different type of accumulator must be installed in a stand-alone system of a permanent residence and a different type for a vacation house, and a different one for lighting reasons.
The value of the batteries varies according to their type and characteristics. Choosing the wrong batteries will result in loss of money.

A closed type of battery, with GEL.
In GEL accumulators sulfuric acid is mixed with smoked silicon. The result is a viscous (thick) liquid that looks like jelly. This type of accumulators are generally more durable and long lasting in their use.

Closed type AGM
In AGM batteries, between the lead plates there is a porous fiberglass material impregnated with the sulfuric acid solution.