EUR 863 million cost us the “dirty” stream of islands

At EUR 191.98 per Megawatt, the average variable cost of electricity production from conventional units in non-interconnected islands in 2012 was reached, according to the data collected by RAE in order to determine the costs to be paid by the Consumer Services Payments with power bills.

For Crete, Rhodes and the rest of the islands that have been electrified by polluting and oil-intensive oil plants, the system was forced to pay the vertiginous amount of EUR 863.4 million. In particular, for Crete, 467,643 million euros, for Rhodes 133,445 million euros and for the other non-interconnected islands 262,307 million euros.

These costs would have been even higher if there were no RES stations on the islands (mainly wind and photovoltaics) that produced a total of 874 Gigawatt hours in 2012, thus covering, at a considerably lower cost, part of the island’s needs. Specifically, 594.3 green gigawatteries were produced in Crete, 71.7 in Rhodes and 207.9 in the other islands.

Source http://www.energypress.gr