What are the photovoltaic systems?

Photovoltaic (or PV) systems are one of the applications of renewable energy sources, where electricity is generated by solar power. This is an energy sector of great interest for a country like Greece that has a very high percentage of sunshine.

10 Reasons to Prefer Using Photovoltaics
  1. We earn direct money with zero operating costs and virtually zero maintenance requirements.
  2. They do not require any form of subsidy, but the total investment is dampened around 6 years.
  3. They provide energy upgrading and autonomy by increasing the value of the property
  4. They convert solar radiation directly into electricity, which is used in a variety of ways and can achieve full energy autonomy by stimulating a sense of security.
  5. They are environmentally friendly and do not aesthetically affect them and can be installed even in cities.
  6. They do not cause noise, since their operation is completely silent.
  7. They are easy to use and very easy to apply. They can be incorporated into the building’s architecture and used even as building blocks, thus reducing the cost of building an installation.
  8. They are easily expanded at any time to meet some increase in energy requirements.
  9. They have a long life span, great reliability and can provide full energy independence to the user.
  10. They offer the possibility of decentralized generation of electricity where it is actually consumed, reducing the losses and constant upgrading of the networks.
What are the hybrid systems?

It is a dynamic power system that uses more than one energy production method to cover the energy required. Typically, other than photovoltaics, other energy sources (mainly local and renewable) are combined, such as wind turbines, small hydro power, hydropower and river biomass.

How can I get free energy from the sun?

The sun produces more than 15,000 times the energy we consume across the Earth every year. This energy is emitted by the sun on Earth in the form of small particles, the photons. These photons compose the sunlight and travel at the speed of 380,000 Km / sec. When a photovoltaic installation is exposed to the sun, it collects photons and turns them into free electricity.

Can I use my photovoltaic to heat my home?

Once electricity is generated through the sun’s radiation, this electric energy can also provide free heating.

What are the environmental benefits of using photovoltaics?

They do not pollute, leave no waste and are made of environmentally friendly materials.

What are the autonomous photovoltaics?

Autonomous photovoltaics provide electricity to non-electrical facilities. At the same time, they provide protection from power outages while drastically reducing the cost of the household or business from energy consumption in the traditional and outdated way.

Once the order is completed, how soon will I have the products?

ECOSUN will take care within a few days for the execution and delivery of the order.

Can I place the products on my own?

Some products are accompanied by instructions for use and manual placement, so it is a process that can be done by the customer.

Should I encounter a problem with the installation, is there technical support?

ECOSUN’s after-sales program is one of the top in Greece. However, it is mostly unnecessary, as it is rare for an installation or system of ECOSUN to have a problem.

What needs can photovoltaics cover?

The first thing you need to know about photovoltaics is that they produce direct current. This means either that we use them with DC devices or convert this DC to alternating 230 V (in the same current as PPC) with the help of some electronic devices. The applications found by photovoltaics are for lighting, telecommunication, cooling, heating, sound coverage. Essentially, any energy need can be covered by a suitably designed photovoltaic system.

Can I use them in my cottage?

For a second home, especially a cottage, photovoltaic systems are not an appropriate solution, but they are unique because they provide free energy and do not oblige owners to pay fixed amounts of energy throughout the year for the few months they will use the house.

What is net metering?

It is the offsetting of electricity produced and consumed and it is applied to photovoltaic plants. Net metering allows the consumer to cover a significant portion of the energy consumed, while enabling him to use the network to indirectly store the green energy generated by his photovoltaic system. The term “net” is derived from the difference between energy consumed and produced over a certain period of time. This period is usually the cycle of counting and pricing of energy consumed. If there is excess energy, it is usually not lost to the consumer but offset for a certain period of time when the final liquidation takes place. This period according to the last ministerial decision is set at 12 months.

Do you undertake the study and design of energy systems?

ECOSUN is a certified company for the design, design and construction of energy systems. It has the relevant departments and for this reason is considered a pioneer in the field.

Is there a possibility to subsidize through ESPA?

The revision of the Building Energy Efficiency Regulation, which is expected by summer, opens the process of announcing the new Home Savings program, which will help households to implement energy-saving solutions, such as modernizing heating systems, installing thermal insulation and replacement of frames.

With the completion of the KENAK or at least the part of the housing regulation, the road to the launch of the new energy savings program in the homes under the new ESPA is open, amounting to approximately EUR 500 million. The new program will be less bureaucratic, according to the relevant RIS executives, designed in such a way that all the documents (fewer) will be submitted electronically, while the amount of the aid (loans and subsidies) will depend on the income of the household and the budget of the work he wants to perform.

Are there any outlets for some of your products outside of Thessaloniki?

ECOSUN has a network of 300 partners across Greece and an online store is on the company’s website.