First Crete in Non-Interconnected Islands – Total Power Over 385 MW

Eighty-six (86) wind farms with a total capacity of 278.32 MW and 1380 PV power plants of 106.40 MW are now operating on non-interconnected islands, according to a website of energy.gr.

According to data from the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (GEDDD), 6.5 MW were added to the non-interconnected islands, with photovoltaic power of 3,19 MW added in July.

The total power of RES in non-interconnected islands is now 385.02 MW.

The first is Crete with 244.61 MW, of which 173.9 MW are wind and 70.37 are photovoltaic, followed by Rhodes with 40.88 MW, Lesvos with 19.95 MW and Kos with 15 , 61 MW of clean energy.

According to the report, with regard to the share of RES in power generation, Crete is the first to come again with 23.1%.

Followed by Samos with 22.2%, Milos with 17.7% and Lesvos with 14.4%.

In total this year, up to August, RES accounted for 16% of the needs in non-interconnected islands, while 84% was covered by fossil fuels.