From first to last …

In the last position (40th among 40 countries), Greece places Ernst & Young on its attractiveness to Renewable Energy Investments in its latest report, published in May.

It is recalled that in Ernst & Young’s previous report in February 2013, Greece was ranked 22nd, while in its previous report it was in 20th place.

This is a 20-point drop in just a few months.

It is a characteristic fact that our country is also in the last position with regard to the possibility of financing RES projects, taking only 30.7 points (the USA ranking the top in this issue has 75 points).

For individual technologies, Greece occupies the 38th position for terrestrial winds with 44.4 degrees and the 34th for photovoltaics with 45 degrees.

See here the entire report.

Source: energypress.gr