Identify Green Goals for 2030

The first official step to define the climate change targets by 2030 was made today by the European Commission, issuing the “Green Paper”. This is a text that launches the public consultation on the issue, which will last until July 2.
In this context, the Member States, the EU institutions and all stakeholders are invited to express their views on issues such as the type and level of possible energy targets for 2030. These views, as the Commission says will feed the Commission’s preparations for the submission of specific proposals.
According to the Commission, the 27 Member States have made significant progress in the 20-20-20 objective of increasing participation of Renewable Energy Sources and reducing greenhouse gases. Now, what is important is to create a framework for the next decade that will give investors security, help develop innovation and tackle global climate change.
The Commission also stresses that experience from the framework created for 2020 will play an important role in defining the new framework.

See here the Green Paper in detail