LAGIE – Monthly Special Month March RES & C & E Account

The loss of the Special Account for RES of LAGIE to € 301.7 million from 317.56 million shows the figures released by the Market Operator, which are up to mid-March.
It is noted that this is a decrease of EUR 10.46 million higher compared to the forecast made in a previous LAGIE report, according to which the deficit would be reduced to EUR 312.16 million. With regard to the future development of the deficit, the Officer predicts that the deficit will reach € 695.93 million at the end of 2013 while the corresponding amount for 2014 will rise to € 1.389 billion.

In its newsletter, LAGIE also lists the aggregated data of installed RES power in the country. According to data, at the end of February, the total power from RES reached 4,206 megawatts, of which 1,782 came from wind power, 1,741 from photovoltaic parks and 329 from photovoltaic roofs.

Compared to the previous month, wind power has added new power of 29 megawatts, while in the case of photovoltaic parks there has been an increase of 221 MW and the photovoltaic in the roofs by 13 megawatts.

Download here the March Bulletin