Modified cost of investment projects of photovoltaics

The Deputy Minister for Growth, Competitiveness, Transport, Infrastructure and Networks has changed the definition of a single, cost-aided investment project for electricity generation from solar power.

Article 1 of the Law no. 26430 (Government Gazette 1915 B / 15-6-2012) “Determination of a unitary aided cost of investment plans for the production of electricity from solar energy” of the decision of the Minister of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping as follows: and on completion, on the basis of the implementation period, their nominal power, the type of mechanical equipment and their additional characteristics, according to the following table:

he above cost is added, 0.45 Euro / Wp for other fixed costs (PPC connection, hut, earthworks, fencing, etc.).

The total cost of the above data is reduced by 10% for plants with a power of more than 500 KW due to economies of scale. Correspondingly, the total cost of the above data increases by 10% for plants with a power of less than 20 KW.

The implementation period is determined from the date of request for connection activation with PPC and if this is not available, from the date of activation of connection with PPC.

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