Papageorgiou: In agreement with producers and banks the new deal

There is no question of lowering the guaranteed prices of PVs with this bill, assured the Deputy Minister of Peace, Asimakis Papageorgiou, during his assignment to the Committee on Production and Trade, which is working on the bill regulating RES issues.

The deputy minister noted that the government is about to reach a new agreement on the issue of guaranteed prices soon after talks with Pan-Hellenic associations of electricity producers, as well as with the banks.

After clarifying that he can not give more details at this stage of the talks, the competent Secretary of State stressed that “we are concerned with the deficit, ie the operation of LAGIE, ie the market. The producers are interested in surviving and the banks are interested in not having red loans. So we have a common place of public interest. ”

“We want to find the formula that will satisfy all three sides,” he said, adding that the government is aiming for a lasting, long-term solution to the problem of the LAGIE deficit and its treatment over the coming years.

Source: http://www.energypress.gr