Photovoltaic Parks will be charged Real Estate Tax

The imposition of a Real Estate Tax on non-planned plots, land plots and land plots across the country that are not cultivated provide for plans by the Ministry of Finance as there are estimates that more than 2 billion per year can be collected by owners who are currently exempt from tax. These properties are tax-free to date.
According to information from the Treasury Department, the single tax on immovable property will even cover the areas where photovoltaic systems are installed. The only property that will be exempt from tax will be the agricultural land which belongs to the main occupation of farmers and is cultivated.
The predominant scenario envisages the extension of the system of objective values ​​across Greece and, on the other hand, the single real estate tax. Any type of property, plot and parcel, either inside or off plan, will be counted as an asset subject to taxation based on the objective criteria, scales, and tax-free limit.
According to the design of the economic staff, the value of buildings and plots will be added and the sum will be the new basis for calculating the new Real Estate Forum. This means that if someone owns a plot outside plan and other real estate, their value will be added and the sum will form the basis for calculating the tax. Thus, depending on the rates and tax-free limits that will apply, it will arise whether or not it is liable to pay tax.
In particular, if someone owns a plot outside the 100,000-euro plan, they will not be automatically exempt from tax, as is currently the case with the PIF, but only if the value is lower than the tax-free threshold of 200,000 euros apply. If someone owns a house worth 200,000 euros and land outside the 150,000 euros plan, the value of these two properties will be added and his property will be calculated by the tax office at 350,000 euros. Based on that, this value will arise if you have to pay a tax and how much.
In this way, it is considered certain that people who have been excluded from this obligation will be required to pay for the first time. One of the project’s problems is the separation between a plot outside the plot and the cultivated area. In order to clarify the situation up to voting, owners may be asked to fill in a new type of E9, with more details, which will clarify, after processing, the type of parcel.