Pilot trial at the CoE for the contribution of RES

The hundreds of appeals made by private investors of Renewable Sources (and mainly photovoltaics) in the Greek courts are taking their toll, against the decision of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Tourism, which imposed the extraordinary contribution to the turnover.
According to unofficial information, the Council of State accepted a “pilot trial” on this issue, examining both the unconstitutionality and the compatibility of the extraordinary contribution with European law.

The decision of the “pilot trial” will be the basis for the appeal of the local courts, so it is very important. According to legal circles, the fact that the CoE is proceeding with the pilot trial also involves the concept of accelerating the entire appeal process.

Meanwhile, on the subject of the extraordinary contribution, two complaints were lodged by the Metaxas law firm before the European Commission on behalf of large domestic and foreign RES investors.