PV GRID: Program for the promotion of high penetration of PV

Athens, Warsaw, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Bratislava, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, The Hague, 15 November 2012 – More than 20 players join forces at European level to find solutions to help the widespread integration of photovoltaic systems into electricity distribution networks.

The new two-year project, PV GRID, is funded by the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Program and will run until October 2014. PV GRID’s goal is to help overcome the institutional and regulatory challenges associated with the large scale penetration of photovoltaics in distribution networks across Europe.

The photovoltaic interconnection problems were one of the issues examined by another Community Program, PV LEGAL, the forerunner of the new project. In recent years, a whole new situation has emerged in many European countries where electricity networks are required to serve the penetration of significant photovoltaic power and to face new technical, financial and administrative challenges.

PV GRID is the logical continuation of PV LEGAL, which was completed in February 2012. PV LEGAL, one of the most successful projects of the Intelligent Energy Program, has managed to remove many administrative barriers to photovoltaics in many European countries. PV GRID, based largely on the same collaborative consortium, exploits the experience of PV Legal and aspires to remove the barriers associated with power grids and has emerged as a result of the rapid development of photovoltaics in many European countries.

PV GRID also includes new broadcasters from the wider distribution network with expertise in distribution issues and networking administrative arrangements. The program is co-ordinated by the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), with 13 national photovoltaic panels (Greece representing the Association of Photovoltaic Companies), EPIA, three Distribution Network Managers, eclareon consultancy, European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e. V. and the COMILLAS Pontifical University.

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Participants in the PV GRID program are:

  • Coordinator: German Association of Solar Industries (BSW-Solar)
  • European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)
  • eclareon Management Consultants
  • 13 national photovoltaic panels: SEE, UNEF, APESF, Assosolare, BPVA, CZEPHO, Enerplan, Holland Solar, PTPV, PV Austria, EDORA, SVENSK SOLENERGI, SAPI
  • DERlab (European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e. V.)
  • Distribution Network Operators: ENEL Distribuzione (Italy), RWEDeutschland AG (Γερμανία) και Lumen International (Czech republic)
  • COMILLAS Pontifical University

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