RAE, within the scope of its competences, according to the provision of paragraph 1 of article 8 of the “Regulation of Licenses for the production of electricity using RES and CHP” (Government Gazette B 2373 / 25.10.2011) , for the designation of areas of the Transmission System as saturates for the absorption of power from RES stations, characterized by its Decision No. 699 / 01.08.2012 the Peloponnese as an area with a saturated network.
Pursuant to the above RAE Decision, hereafter:
  1. No new requests (or requests for modification to increase power) are submitted for the granting of a Production License from RES stations, unless they relate to plants the connection of which is proposed to be carried out in areas with a non-saturated network, as provided for in paragraph 3 of Article 8 of the Licensing Regulation. In any other case, the application is rejected as inadmissible in accordance with paragraph 1 (a) of Article 4 of the Licensing Regulation.
  2. No new Request for Connection to the Electricity Distribution Network Operator, DEDDI SA, for plants exempted from the production license (see Article 4. Law 3468, as in force) and are connected in the area network.
  3. For the evaluation of outstanding requests for binding bids for connection to RES, the provisions of paragraph 4 of Article 8 of the Licensing Regulation shall apply.
  4. No certificates of increase of up to 10% are issued in accordance with the provision of the third subparagraph of paragraph 5 (a) of article 3 of Law 3468/2006, as in force.


  • The Transmission and Distribution Network Operators, ADMHI SA and DEDEE SA must ensure that priority is given to the awarding of bids by cooperating with each other and by using a single batch of tenders.
  • ADMIE AE and DEDDI SA must post a detailed and up-to-date billing link to the Peloponnese (requests, non-binding bids, bids, billing date) within ten (10) working days. These files will be of the EXCEL type so that they can be processed by any interested parties.

In the coming weeks, RAE will present, in public consultation, a comprehensive set of proposals, with concrete measures and legislative arrangements, for the fastest possible penetration of RES in areas of increased investment interest and limited power absorption, in a way that does not the further licensing procedures for RES projects that are licensed on the other hand are suspended, on the one hand, and the possibility of direct financing and implementation.

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