RES: Changes to the bill after consultation

During the elaboration of the comments submitted during the consultation of the RES draft, the Ministry of the Environment and Water has passed.

According to energypress, in some places the bill that will reach the House will be “milder” than the one submitted for consultation, following comments from industry players.

Typical is the case of high-capacity photovoltaic investment, that is to say, connected to the high-voltage grid and requiring the installation of a separate substation, which would seem to “save” the change in the way the tariff is locked.

The bill that was submitted for consultation provided that each photovoltaic park in this category would not retain the tariff that it has officialized, but it will lock off tariffs with its electrification, which means reducing the guaranteed price by up to one-third.

The arrangement caused a great deal of turmoil as investors had bought equipment with different data, so plans to maintain the transitional arrangement and remain the locked guaranteed price for investors in this category.