SEF – “Mr. Prime Minister, Team Wins You Do not Change It “

Mr. Prime Minister, Winning Team does not change it

We, the companies that produce, distribute, install and maintain photovoltaic systems, are among the few sectors of the economy that we are developing in the midst of a crisis. We are already producing more than 0.5% of the country’s GDP, having created thousands of new jobs. Our activities maintain 25,000 equivalent full-time jobs at a time of unprecedented unemployment. Together, employers, employees and the self-employed, we reinforce state and insurance fund revenues by at least € 600 million a year. We work daily with enthusiasm, under harsh conditions, to build a better tomorrow for our country, clean and free of dependence on polluting fossil fuels. We represent the cleanest energy technology that man knows, the most decentralized and democratic. And so far we have been consistent in achieving our goals, ours and the country.

This effort is in danger today to remain incomplete. The photovoltaic market has flourished in recent years thanks to the brave support of the state and citizens. Our customers, investors of all sizes, ranging from the smallest household to the largest institutional investor, enjoy today a significant return from the photovoltaic system we have installed, thanks mainly to their courage to invest in Greece and something new, but also thanks to the specialist fee paid by all consumers of electricity. For an average household this is already 15 € / year and is going to more than double. This is a very insignificant contribution to green growth, which should already have reduced the cost of energy that they pay. However, distortions in the wholesale electricity market do not allow the benefits of photovoltaic growth to be passed on to consumers.

The burden on citizens must be minimized immediately and this can only be done if everyone contributes. The distortions in the electricity market must be removed and the acquis and privileges abolished. We are not afraid of the changes and we have proposals for them that we have submitted to the relevant ministry and the regulator. From 2013 onwards, any new photovoltaic to be installed can cause a zero burden on total consumer spending and a significant reduction by 2015.

What we are afraid of, Prime Minister, are the misguided unspoken interventions. So we ask for your support, not to lose preferences but jobs. With excuse or alibi, the dramatic financial situation of LAGIE and without any responsibility for it, photovoltaic has been demonized and measures are being taken that will only cause damage to public and private finances:

  • Suspension of new photovoltaic licensing will boost licensing, resulting in a number of speculating at the expense of Greek citizens. It will concentrate the production of solar power on a few, removing many from the possibility of participating in the green revolution, even though they finance it and some of them have already spent money to set up companies, secure land or pay consultants to acquire their own photovoltaic.
  • The imposition of mandatory retroactive horizontal measures on operating photovoltaics will make our sector another area where the failure or “reluctance” of the state for a deep cut into a distorted reality will lead to the “need” of taking barbaric brute measures that will affect primarily good investors.

The stumbling block is growth and jobs, detoxification from polluting fuels and building a better tomorrow for our children.

Prime Minister,

The sun is the national “fuel” of the country. We invite you to support our industry’s growth and empowerment. We invite you to do our best to continue our industry in the sun.

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