SEF – Proposals for legislative arrangements for photovoltaics

Measures to unload electricity networks from the virtual saturation of the large number of applications, the Association of Photovoltaic Companies (SEF) suggests in a letter to the YPEKA.
The sustainability of the industry as well as of the RES market in general requires the immediate implementation of a bold set of rules that are out of date with the recent decisions to suspend the licensing of new projects and the proclamation of the Peloponnese as a saturated area. The SEF considers these decisions to be unjustified and disastrous, as thousands of workers are unemployed and are backed up instead of addressing the issues that caused them and licensing.
As a result of successive planned state arrangements and interventions in the last few years and despite the contrary suggestions from our Association, the valuable public goods of the electric space have been committed today for the next few years by “RES investment projects” the necessary funding for their implementation. This creates a fictitious image of a “saturation” in both networking and investment interest. But reality is extremely different, as it can be immediately revealed by the adoption of simple measures that will allow the release of electricity, the filing of thousands of applications and, ultimately, the promotion of those projects that have the necessary access to finance. This will make it possible to immediately lift the suspension of licensing and the designation of the Peloponnese as a region with saturated networks, issues that threaten the future of our industry today.

The measures proposed by the Association of Photovoltaic Companies focus on the following:

The imposition of a guarantee for the freezing of electricity in all RES projects with retroactive effect, except those relating to building installations.
The reduction of the 18-month “lock” of the current tariff.
In particular, it is proposed to freeze the space for 2 years (instead of 4 currently in force) for those projects for which a production license is required and for 6 months for the works exempt from the production license.
As a prerequisite for the freezing of electricity, it is proposed to pay a letter of guarantee within three months from the date of the final Connection Offer. The amount of the guarantee is proposed to be 150 € / kW for power stations up to 100kW, 100 € / kW for power stations up to 10MW and 50 € / kW for power stations greater than 10MW. In a case-by-case guarantee, it is proposed that all stations already have a Final Connection Offer and that the deadline for the submission of the Letter of Guarantee for these stations should start from the date of publication of the relevant law.

In all cases, failure to provide a Letter of Guarantee within the set deadline will result in the cancellation of the Final Link Offer granted and the location of the relevant application file.
With regard to the PV contract, it is proposed that the “tariff” for new projects be locked for 6-12 months (instead of 18-36 currently in force) depending on the power of the station. It is also proposed to modify the term associated with the sale price by electrifying the project and ensuring that the tariff is now dependent on the timely declaration of completion of the photovoltaic plant construction so that the investor is not subject to arbitrariness or delay of the manager.

Proposals for legislation on photovoltaics

Letter to the Deputy Minister of Peace, Mr. A. Papageorgiou


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