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For the proper implementation of the power unit, all rules of the international experience as well as valid regulations should be applied in order to avoid situations that could jeopardize human lives or cause material damage.

Location selection for the photovoltaic system installation
In the case of photovoltaic systems installed on buildings, the photovoltaic array should be installed on the roof of the building, according to the Joint Ministerial Decision, Government Gazette B ‘1079, 4/6/2009. Also, as a possible installation surface, the roofs of the verandas are also allowed.

Orientation of photovoltaic panels
In order to maximize the electric production of the photovoltaic panels, optimal exploitation of the solar energy should be achieved.
As for the above mentioned, the course of the sun is changing during the time of the day and the day of the year, it is presumed that a PV array should be able to rotate so that it can follow the path of the sunlight and be constantly vertical on the sun’s direction so it can produce the maximum amount of electric energy.

Factors to take under consideration for selecting optimal locacion of the electronic converters
One of the issues that need to be considered when designing a photovoltaic system of a building is to select the place of the electronic converters. Typically, the converters of these generating units are installed either inside the buildings where PVs are installed or in a specially designed enclosure which may be close to the photovoltaic equipment. Indeed, in the second case, the length of the power lines is considerably reduced, offering less power losses, no voltage drop, and a considerable lower wiring cost.


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One of the most important services offered by ECO//SUN is the maintenance contracts of all the renewable energy systems it installs. Maintenance contracts are annual and include preventive maintenance costs and the cost of any required repairs/service during the valid time of the contract. However, these contracts can be customized, depending on the needs of the consumer.

In terms of risk coverage, ECO//SUN covers any unexpected and sudden material damage or loss that may be due to causes such as: fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, snow, rain, storm, hail, frost, earthquake, sedimentation, landslide, and any other damage caused by natural phenomena as well as possible short circuits (damage to the short-circuit machine itself), overvoltage, inductive currents, machinery and electrical installations.


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The optimal design of a photovoltaic system and its proper installation are required to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the power unit, both in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

ECO//SUN as a leading company in the field of renewable energy has developed its own certified departments for the design and installation of photovoltaic panels, staffed by experienced engineers.

After analyzing the needs and goals of our client, the ECO//SUN’s design and planning department will proceed with the submission of proposals that meet the predefined requirements.

There are several parameters that differ in every case, such as the building’s electrical system, the geographical location and, of course, the consumer’s needs.

In order to install the photovoltaic system that will deliver the best results and will meet the needs of the consumer, case study and design are the A to Z factors.


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It is a rare phenomenon of a malfunction or failure of an the ECO//SUN’s photovoltaic system. With more than 3,000 projects, ECO//SUN has developed such know-how and experience that leave no room for errors or problematic installation. However, since the company is certified at all levels, the after sales department that provides technical support to the consumer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is a must.

Τhe ECO//SUN technicians are very well trained and scientifically educated, as well as constantly updated and can handle any emergent situation or preventive maintenance.

From the first screw of installation procedure and throughout the contract of the risk coverage, ECO//SUN’s after-sales department is ready to respond to the consumer’s call, ready to face every possible scenario holding the expertise and certification to do it.