The ECO-CAR electric car of the ECO // SUN company(Video)

Electric Car (HA) uses electricity stored in rechargeable battery packs. Electric cars use electric motors instead of internal combustion engines (MEK).

It is just 224.5 centimeters long, 129 centimeters wide and 157 centimeters high. Its weight is 670 kg (along with batteries). Despite its small dimensions, the interior space is comfortable for two people. Its electric motor is 7.5kW and is powered by 6 batteries at 72V. It has a range of 100 to 120 km and a maximum speed of 80 km / h.

Many of its benefits are the fact that it does not produce any kind of exhaust pollutants, and it is also quieter than any internal combustion engine. It achieves an almost constant torque from standstill to the maximum operating speed. It is capable of operating at higher revs than gasoline engines, often even up to 14,000 rpm.

It has a lower cost in the long run as it is not affected by the soaring gasoline price but also because of the lower service and maintenance costs.

ECO SUN’s electric cars require much less service and maintenance, as:

do not require regular oil changes.
do not emit pollutants, have exhaust system and exhaust system, neither exhaust silencer nor catalytic converter or smoke filter.
do not require replacement or even maintenance in mechanical parts, such as ignition system, pistons, valves or camshafts, because they do not exist in HA, while internal combustion engines have more than 100 moving parts.
can be designed to self-charge during regenerative braking, thus improving the consumption index.
Source: http://www.amna.gr