The final changes in New Deal

Winners of cuts in tariffs farmers, only cut 12% – all the final changes in the New Deal

The basic legislative improvement of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change in the polluter report passed yesterday by the House of Representatives stipulates that for photovoltaic up to 100 kilowatts belonging to professional farmers the compensation prices are reduced horizontally for all by 12%, regardless of when they were connected to the grid have not benefited from the Development Law. If they were aided, then the prices for photovoltaics up to 100 kilowatts are also set for other investors.

At the same time, the original provision has been abolished, stating that agricultural photovoltaics will enjoy higher prices of 15% over all other categories.

At the same time, it is permissible to transfer a farm belonging to a farmer, but only to another professional farmer.

Unlike with rural photovoltaics, the reductions in household photovoltaic roofs (20% instead of 26% provided by the ministerial bill) and professional photovoltaics (32% -33% from 29.5% of the YPEKA).

Another major change is the extension of energy sales contracts to the system for all photovoltaics (except those in the haircut category) at 7 years versus 5 years of Friday’s polygon scale (from 20 to 27 years).

We recall that the purchase of energy generated for this period will be for 90 euros per megawatt, instead of 80 euros of the original proposal.

Here is how the photovoltaic compensation prices are definitely defined, by category: