The freezing of new photovoltaics is prolonged for another year

The extension by one year of the suspension of the contract for the connection and sale of photovoltaic plants for another year provides for an amendment to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the draft law of the Ministry of Finance “Single Property Tax and other provisions”.

Thus, the “block” in the new photovoltaic plants will be in place until December 31, 2014.

The relevant paragraphs of the amendment state:

«1. It is suspended until 31 December 2014 to conclude Contracts for the connection of photovoltaic power plants with the System or the Network including the Non-Interconnected Islands Network.

2. It is suspended until 31 December 2014 to conclude sales contracts for photovoltaic stations with the Electricity Market Officer and the Operator of the Non-Interconnected Islands Network. The suspension referred to in the previous paragraph excludes cases for which a full envelope for the signing of a sale contract was submitted by 9 May 2013.

3. The suspension of contracting of the two previous paragraphs may be terminated before December 31, 2014 by decision of the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, following the opinion of RAE, assessing the progress of the deficit of the special account of article 40 of law 2773 / 1999 and the achievement of the objectives set out in Article 1 of Law 3468/2006.

4. The suspension of paragraph 1 shall exclude photovoltaic installations falling under the Κ.Υ.Α. “Special Program for the Development of Photovoltaic Systems in Building Facilities, especially Roofs and Roofs of Buildings” (B 1079/2009). “