The Right “Base” for Each System

One of the most essential parts of a photovoltaic system is its support base, which can significantly improve and degrade investment. ECO // SUN wishing to ensure the optimum quality of aluminum bases offers a wide range of specialized profiles for all types of collectors and for all installation conditions and locations.

ECO // SUN support systems are evolving daily through the research, development and development of new products in order to meet the requirements of each application by providing ready products and solutions to the retailer network as well as to the final consumer, ECO // SUN systems.

So, we have the series of support systems created for photovoltaic installations in sloping ceilings, roofs or tile roofs, with direct application on the surfaces of any building and for any type of roof. Also, a separate series was developed for use in single-row and double-row buildings, courtyards or fields, with a fixed angle or with the possibility of manually adjusting their inclination according to the season, to increase the generated electricity. Even in all rows of bases we provide different aluminum profiles, always ensuring the best value for money.

The daily and continual improvement of technical capabilities has given ECO // SUN support systems a great deal of flexibility and adaptability. We can provide custom custom made for your particular roof or home. Particularly in tile roofs, the way they are made allows us to make any adjustments to make better use of the installation space.

Typical case is the roof-type base for building facilities in the vaults, which is the ideal solution in cases where the available surface is not enough or there are several obstacles to installing the maximum allowable power, even if the slope and orientation are not optimal. With this roof, we achieve 100% of the performance of the panels by adjusting their orientation and tilt wherever we want.

In the case of the implementation of photovoltaic parks in fields, the adaptation to the installation site and the requirements is very high. We proceeded to build very strengthened bases made of 40 x40 or 80×40 aluminum profile, thus delivering robustness and durability. They have a special cableway routing channel, which contributes to the aesthetics, the speed of the installation and the low cost. A specialized telescopic system has been developed that allows millimeter to be installed without the need for additional cuts, to achieve the alignment of the PVs regardless of any unevenness in the soil, to have a high resistance to wind turbines and finally to complete installation in the shortest possible time. The special design of the support system allows the construction of the building without the need for building works and foundations. The only extra requirement is about 7m3 of concrete (for installation 100kW) depending on case-application. Finally, they are also suitable for large-scale MW installations. With EC / SUN support systems, we always achieve high aesthetics, maximum strength, and low cost that is required for such investments with such a long time horizon.

In the aluminum list you will find all the individual parts that make up a complete set of support. Different types of profiles, angles, cavities, middle and end retainers for each type of panel, allen screws, nuts, diosports and roof hooks, as well as the ball slit nut, whose design allows the panels to be fastened onto the profile with easy and its use greatly enhances the stability of the system.

The ECO // SUN support systems have been certified by the world-known TÜV Austria Group certification body for their static adequacy according to Eurocode 1 (EC1, ENV 1991 2-1, 2-3-2-4) and Eurocode 9 (DESIGN OF ALUMINUM). They have also been designed and studied according to the codes of the current Greek Antiseismic Regulation 2000 (EAC 2000) to fully meet the stresses of the same weight of PV, wind pressure, snowfall and seismicity, offering a choice according to the placement area.

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