Virtual energy netting (virtual net metering)

Applications for virtual net metering have begun,

Pursuant to the provisions of Ministerial Decision APEIL / A / Φ1 / οικ. 175067 (Government Gazette B1547 / 5.5.2017) https://goo.gl/BfNtvE regarding the installation of virtual photovoltaic power plants by virtue of virtual net metering, the EDISM reminds the interested parties that the reception of relevant connection requests will begin on 14.07.2017.

Requests for stations connected to the low voltage grid will be submitted to the relevant local units of the ESDP (Areas – https://goo.gl/jj1MDx), while requests for stations connected to the medium voltage grid will be submitted to the Directorates of the Regions (Regions – https://goo.gl/Wu8ZKX), for applications related to the Interconnected Network (mainland and interconnected islands), while for requests concerning Non-Interconnected Islands all requests will be submitted to Areas Δ

The application forms and related information material (Information Sheet, Frequently Asked Questions-Answers, Patterns of Responsible Statements, etc.) have been posted on the website of DEDDH.

Source: B2green.gr