Where the Troika Stops Continues Asimakis Papageorgiou


Extraordinary ‘end’ to 50,000 jobs

In just five months, Deputy Energy Minister Papageorgiou:
• Freeze all new applications for PV investments (other than domestic).
• Reduced the amount of financial incentives for photovoltaics 30-50%.
• It has imposed, against the express warnings of the European Commission itself, unbearable contributions to the turnover of 25-35% on existing contracts.
• Canceled existing investments by retroactively imposing new deadlines for the implementation of investments by March 2013.

[Note: These arrangements were either imposed last Friday afternoon before the 15th of August (10 August) or were incorporated at the last minute in the Memorandum of Understanding – Memorandum 3, and even in strike by journalists]

In the same 5 months, Mr. Papageorgiou:
• Lacks the real guilty of the energy market crisis, such as distortions and subsidies for fossil fuels.
• It systematically ignores RAE’s proposals and recommendations.
• Publicly admits that photovoltaics have little to do with the financial problems of the energy market.

Because Mr. Papageorgiou with mathematical precision:
• Displaces a healthy sector that has created around 20,000 jobs and maintains another 30,000 jobs in the wider economy.
• It leads to bankruptcy by thousands of small and medium-sized investors.
• It is out of public revenue estimated at around € 600 million (insurance contributions and tax revenue) per year, which will soon be sought elsewhere.
• It finally destroys the investment environment for RES in Greece.
• Engages consumers in excessive increases in PPC accounts due to dependence on expensive fossil fuels.

Greenpeace asks the Prime Minister:

1. Withdrawal of any retroactive measure that cancels the country’s investment environment.
2. The adoption of a package of measures to protect consumers against distortions and subsidies for fossil fuels.