By definition, ECOSUN is committed to protecting the environment, and indeed does so with all the necessary certifications from the relevant bodies, and works with Greenpeace’s largest and most active ecological organization.

According to the Greek constitutional legislator, the protection of the environment was enshrined in Article 24 of the Constitution. On the basis of this article and with the assistance of the entire legislative framework formed by formal laws passed by the Greek Parliament, by rules contained in international conventions ratified by Greece and by rules adopted in the framework of the operation of the European Union, the law protection of the environment – in Greece – aims to protect forests, marine and aquatic resources and the atmosphere.

ECOSUN’s policy is fully aligned with Greek and European legislation, promoting renewable energy in Greece and giving the example itself. The company’s facilities in Lakkoma Halkidiki operate with renewable energy sources, always aiming at the continuous improvement and maintenance of the zero environmental footprint of our activity.