As for safety reasons, during the works of implementation of a power generating unit, all active rules and regulations (international and local)  need to be followed in order to avoid incidents that can put human lives in danger or cause material damages.

Selecting a suitable location for the installation of the photovoltaic system

When an integrated PV system is to be installed on a building, the photovoltaic array will be installed on its roof, according to Common Ministerial Decision “FΕΚ Β’ 1079, 4/6/2009”.

Photovoltaic Panels Orientation

In order to maximize power generation of the photovoltaic panels, optimal utilization of incident sunlight is necessary. More specifically, since the sun path changes according to the time of the day or the day of the year, it is presumed that, in order for a panel to generate the maximum power,  it should rotate so as to follow the solar path and be constantly vertical to sunlight.

Selecting the most suitable installation area for the electronic converters

One of the issues that should be stressed during the designing process of a building integrated PV system is the selection of the most suitable area to place the inverters. Typically, the inverters are installed either inside the building or in a specially designed covered area near the PV equipment. In the second case, the length of DC electrical conductors is significantly reduced, leading to the reduction of power loss, voltage drop as well as, wiring costs.